Tony Abou Ganim – 9/25/17

Tony Abou Ganim – 9/25/17
[?] >> joy: welcome back to our special edition of “ozarks live!” the restaurant special. nancy miller, our special guest today. she attended the nra show in chicago with me. i got to follow you around now. in a minute, you’re going to hear from one of the greatest mixologists in the country. >> guest: amazing. >> joy: first, how important is the bar to the restaurant business? >> guest: it’s very important. because it adds a different revenue stream. you want to diversify when you have a business. you want to be able to have some other money income coming in, kind of like adding catering, bar business, restaurants. it’s all together. but it can be separate. >> joy: right. that’s not what necessarily nearly famous is known for, yet you can get a classic cocktail to the perfect wine to go with your dinner >> guest: correct. or a cold beer if it’s a hot day and you want to relax. >> joy: a



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