Tomatoes Nutrition Segment

Tomatoes and Nutrition
like them, i don’t buy it. the most delicious vegetable or fruit. crystal is here from wegmans to talk about the wonderful benefits of tomatoes. >> nutrition-wise, we count it as a vegetable, but i have a background in environmental science, sure enough, there’s debate it is a fruit. it has seeds. either way, eat it. we like to talk about peak of perfection, late summer, early fall. peak of perfection, we talk about tomatoes. >> you brought in a whole spread, let’s start here. is that really where you should, if you’re going to eat tomatoes and want the benefits, is that where you should start. >> the huge benefit of the fresh tomato is great taste, there’s about 35 calories in our tomatoes. get a graham of fiber in there, boost of vitamin c, vitamin a, potassium. great for heart health, lowering blood pressure. that’s the beauty of the fresh. you can pick one of these up and eat it and



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