Tom Colicchio Makes A Sandwich

Tom Colicchio Makes a Sandwich
over the meaghan. ? you can’t break me down ? >> meaghan: we’re now obsessed. tom colicchio has made more sandwiches than anyone could count in 14 seasons of “top chef.” now he’s challenging you to turn something simple into something unforgettable and to help a leading hunger relief organization at the same time. he joins us today from new york to tell us how we can all get involved. chef, thanks for being here. help us turn something every day into “top chef” worthy. >> the best way to go is to start with great ingredients. you know, right now middle of the summer, the farmers markets are in full swing. get out there and food good ingredients. food doesn’t have to be fancy to be good, just really delicious. >> meaghan: let’s get into specifics. how can we up our game? >> sandwiches, i think it’s easy. a couple things to do. start with great ingredients. also look the inter interpret so



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