Tolli’s Lobster Pizza

Tolli’s Restaurant in East Haven.
decisional pairing. unusual piza. how did you come up with this idea? >> a takon a lobsterb rol, instead of a roll irtl is on a a pizza. >> although with the pwiric te of lobster it is not inexpensive. >> in some areas it is a little bit beter because they are softo now so the prices on lobster will go lower. once it gets cold it is hards shells and more per pound.p right no w it is a special until the end of the enmonth. >> so this i>>s a goda time to tr yt it. people don’t mind having the lobster on the piza, spending more, they like it? >> well worth it. >> start with thwe dough. >> i usually have – over here, we will go with the fresh dough. you want to bring it out. >> shouldho i? ? >> oh, yeah.e >> is he a god teacher in the kitchen. >> yes. >> hus band and wife duo, we should mention. >> work the edges. pressing down. ng >> then what do i do. >> try it outside. >> am i doing this



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