Tolli’s Apizza & Restaurant

A delicious lasagna recipe from Tolli’s.
>> atolli’s apizza restaurant in east haven is the place to be. >> we’re back with anthony, always great to have you. >> same hee, glad to be here into we’re doing something different. last time we were here we can made pizza. we’re not doing that today. >> we’re going going to do some traditional lasagna with egg noodle. >> you make the pasta from scratc most of us buy the box off the shelf because making pasta from scratch is not easy. take us through the process. >> fairly easy. >> backing up. >> from the equipment. >> that helps. >> i have the bigger sized version of one of these but you can do this with a paddle mixer, three egg, 2 1/4 cups of flour. >> is that your recipe? >> family recipe. you end up with a mess, lie so. and you want i to be a little bit drier. it wants to be able to hold itse together when you squeeze it. if it is to sticky, you will have a lot of trouble geting



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