Tolli’s Apizza

Pollo alla Cafone from Tolli’s Apizza
>> all right, whether it is a dine in or take out, tolli’s apizza restaurant in east haven is the place to be. e >> they specialize in pizza. they’re here to share a fabulous chicken recipe and we want to mention it happens toa be your anniversary. happy 20th aniversary. thank you for spending it withdi us on “connecticut style”. what are we makinged to? >> it is a dish wse make in the restaurant, it is is a peasant-style dish. >> what is the translation? >> loosely translated — >> we like to because i have no problem, i like a nice simple, hardy meal. these of all ingredients youts probably have at home anyway and can throw this together. >> that is the reason why. they have the chickens, the eggs, flour, cream, everything in the dish is someisthing thatt peasants would have atst home. >> we have a hot pan and oil. you want to switch spots to get us started. >> how cool is this. sonia



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