TNF Trilogy Cellars

Trilogy Cellars
week begin to heat up a bit staying about all things summer and give you guys at home a chance to interact with us… brittany this week we’re talking about fun things to do before heading back to school and today we’re focusing on something fun for parents to do before the school year starts elizabeth that’s right… before parents know it their scedules will be filled with pta meetings, soccer practices, and piano lessons…so why not take some time before schools kicks back into gear to relax with a glass of wine or two? we visited trilogy cellars who told us all about their award winning wines made right here on the south >> before parents knows will be set with pta meetings sd piano lessons. why not have a glass o. >> to tell us act theie here in the south the plains. >> take a look. >> we will work with se them — we will work with them e can take this product and stickd turn it in



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