TNF: National Panini Day

National Panini Day
>> we are talking aboug some of your other many delicio. >> what can we get? >> we have roasted turs loin and grilled cheese. >> you can pair it witn our kale salad as well and we hs well. >> . that’s something new t. >> tell us about that. >> we are so excited a. >> we will actually hat panini. we will have those whid we also have waffles that are w. >> what comes on eggin. you have the option oft breads that you can use. we have eggs or egg wh. it just depends and hae and spinach. >> do i have the option and pick ingredients. we have the panini anda gluten allergy or we can definie and make it to their liking. >> perfect. >> the best part abouts we get delicious food but at a . not a bad for your bode best. >> absolutely. it is a great value ans are amazing. they are impeccable ant ingredients that they can possi. >> what is your favoriu offer. >> mine is the roasted. very filling and



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