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Kelle B Jammin
>> welcome back it “friends and friends” joining us the owner of kelly be jammin’. >> we have several flavors to try. tell me about some of the most popular items first. >> well, you know, my gateway jams that i like to call it is the strawberry vanilla bean. that’s interests a lot of people. it gets reaches the masses. but i am known for the crazy ones. peach vanilla bean. strawberry basil. triple berry chipotle. there are weird and different and the business has grown and grown over the last, six years and people have been interested in a jam of the month club. >> which i love. >> and so that’s kind of where this came. and it is straight to your door. this is our most popular packaging. the jam good packaging. and this will get you a baked good every month. a jam, and then, sometimes a wild card item, which is like pickles or pickled or just something weird. not too big. just something



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