TNF: KCBS Cookoff

KCBS Cookoff
you have any first day pictures you want to share with us. shoot us an e-mail at kobc..com. >> thank you so much ladies. joining me now we have the department chair at texas tech ask john read the smoking exbarbecue. guys, we are like a week and a day away. >> we’re excited. >> we’re very excited for the kcbs cookoff what can people expect. if they haven’t heard about this, they have been living under a rock. >> friday afternoon we will start off with a food truck and some watter and things, if you want to purchase those and the raider rumble at 5:00. it is a on junior arrayas and then cres cadwell. >> your buddy. >> one of my best friends. chris chadwick will be there and have them go head-to-head. y’all will be out there filming. $1000 winner take all. welcome to come and check it out. >> it will be fun to watch how they do things on the grill and do it so quickly and put a meal togeth



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