TNF: Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
>> here to talk about some delis summer dishes that you can graby time. this august, this september. >> absolutely. >> we have two dishes for us hee today. >> look amazing. >> they really are. . >> our grilled talapia with mano salsa. >> what you have here? our brand new sweet potato and r home-made caramel sauce. >> that — sweet potatoes are sd for you as well. how much would this meal run? $9.99. >> this is the joy of cheddars. you can get at hearty, wonderful for ar great price. >> that is a healthy option. sit under 575 calories. >> this is our chicken and shri. we also have a which chile mange with it. eating healthy doesn’t have to e bad. this is delicious and has a gret flavor. >> you are also giving us some beverages that we can get. >> what is a painkiller? >> it is similar but not exactle same. the cream of coconut that goes . just really good. you have to throw in a little bf



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