TNF: 50th St. Caboose

50th St. Caboose
>>> welcome back. you guys are celebrating something big this year. >> it’s a 40 year anniversary. we have fun specials going on. what are some of the specials? >> finished up the summer special to 50 margaritas all day running that back in again in the future will make an announcement about that right now we doing power packs for the kids. but $13 and 90 nsaids unit kids mail a game card. take the kids and this weekend that’s what you do. you’ve got a lot of great menu items a lot of huge fan favorites what some things that the biggest fan favorites. >> one thing people don’t realize we have a underground menu. we offer jacked up fajitas. love the drink specials you’ve got a lot of fun games for the kids and adults. there’s a ton of games always bring in new ones. they keep us up and running we don’t have any downtime with any of them. give us details about vip cards. what do they get?



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