TLC Sandwich

We’re cooking a TLC Sandwich with Whole Foods.
out allch the pictures. cute, cute stuff. let’s go back now to the kitchen and the very t brokenhearted patrick little. lepat. >> thank you. joe and christie are here and i re was down about the ex-girlfriend fr that broke my heart in highy school, but i’m even more down because we’re talkin’rg back tok schoolol already? my kids excited to go back too school. ol makes a lot of para ents out there t excited for the kidse going back g to school. what have you got? >> today, we’re going to do a spin on the blt sapped witch and s d we’re’r working with a — a sandwich hand we’rewe working with aa firm tofu, it’s a i great substitute.st >> how do you convincevi kids inned ofne tb and j, to go with the tofu. >> once it’s in their lunch box, do they have a choice? >> probably not, unless they canhe sell it to one of their classmates. >> talk about the ingredieabnts. >> what we’re w going to pew



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