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we’re back. today’s show is all about beer. i can hardly stand this anymore. i have to dig in. look at that. creamy, wonderful, a little bit of bacon. pretzels on top. man. well, right now we’re heading out to great beer to a place in downtown green bay, one of the first local area brew pubs. they have been brewing up award winning beer for years, so check it out. >> open to the public in 1,996th of december. right during that first super bowl run of the reggie white era. it was an exciting time to open up title town in green bay. we’re in the chicago and northwestern train station, built in 1898. the railroad was in here until we moved in. there used to be 2 big waiting rooms here. the actual arch for the fireplace, the fireplaces are still here. it’s still a little bit of the original. they were used by the railroad so they were continuing modernizing it from its original appearance. w



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