Tips For Picking Good Kitchen Tools

Chef Tony Hanslits, Dean of Culinary Education at The Chef’s Academy shares his tips for what he considers essential kitchen utensils.
>> welcome back to “indy style.” it’s been said a poor workman blames his tool. i’ve done that a time or two. chef tony is here from chef’s academy to help us sort out what is necessary, what is essential and what may be a little farther down throad based on your culinary skills. >> thank you for having me. these are just some of the tools i carry in my kit. what i wanted to do is really start out as we’re setting up this kitchen, things that you really have to have. >> essential. >> essential plus some. this is a steel. this is what you use to keep the edge of your knife and we can go over how to use it later on. then this is a chef’s knife, french knife. what you want to do when you’re picking out knives is get a good — spend the money and get a good knife that will last for a long time and how it feels in your hand. >> the weight? >> the weight, size of the handle, how does your hand



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