Tipping In Tough Times

With the tough economy, restaurants and their employees are feeling the squeeze. But, as CNN’s Sandra Endo reports, experts say it’s not acceptable to tip less just because times are tight.
some people p hardly have enough money to eat out at ret staurants these days, letth alone pay the 15y to 20 percent suggested tip, on top of the bill. service workers say since the economy took a turn for the worse, gratuities have done the same thing. sandra endo takes a look at a the rules of tipping in tight times. there are rules for just about everything … even tipping. fifteen to twenty percent is the usual. but like all rules, sometimes they’re honored… twenty percent, sometimes a little heavier. a nd iesometimes they’ree broken. even if the service is great my little tip is npot too great for them. i feel bad, but its the best i can do. pamela eyring with the washington school of protocol says when economic times are tough, consumers spend less, and that often means cutting back on g gratuities. the dine and dash is back, and although they’re paying the bill, bthey’re not le



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