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Today’s tip of the week how to cook quail
get a great dinner out of it. so it’s well worth doing. now it’s time for the tip of the week sponsored by mccoy outdoor company. you are watching fox ten outdoors with jason smith. “okay it’s time for this weeks “tip of the week” and we’re going to show you how to cook up the quail. the meat is excellent eating, and what we’re going to do here is wrap the quail in bacon with jalapenos and onions and a little worchestire sauce and put ’em on the grill, a real tasty way to do the quail. now most quail when you clean it, initially, it’s going to come with the meat on the breast bone. we’re going to cut the meat off the breast bone – and also, we’ve prepared our jalapeno peppers as well – these are fresh jalapenos, but we’re taking the seeds out, we’re going to cut ’em into slivers. and there’s not a lot of meat on an individual bird, but if you have a good dozen or so birds, there’s work w



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