Time To Wine

Aj Foyt IV and Larry Foyt are talking wine.
there is style all around you. ? always something fresh ? living life indy style stoats ? >> today on indy style, oh, man, it is the month of may, we are talking moms, dads, grads, a lot of gifts you may have to find yourself doling out with love and affection. we have great ideas for you. halle living on a healthy planet. we’ll explain a free even. maybe how to build a rainbow. or get one bill or installed. >> exactly. water is free. of course, it is wednesday. the face of indy tv will be stopping by. it is an event coming.on the circle later today. >> we’ll be at that as well. >> but we have special guests with us as well. >> aj and larry foyt, thank you for being here, guys. >> appreciate that. >> good morning. >> good morning. i’ll be honest, i’m a little thrown with the colts logo. i was expecting a logo. >> you expect some logos. >> yeah, exactly. >> there you go. >> with the team.



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