Time To Dine Segment With Chef Viktor

Time To Dine with Chef Viktor
>> justin handle that part. we will talk food right now megan. you will have all the fun so i will have fun here with chef victor anderson. a great event sunday a taste of island going on at yellow fin. welcome to the u.s. >> thanks so much. >> first time to maryland how have you enjoyed your stay. >> very good. >> you are head back on monday but you’ve great recipe. regarding icelandic char. >> yes. >> it looks like salmon. >> it’s similar. it’s a similar fish. >> and if you have it in freshwater in iceland. >> freshwater fish from iceland. this is one of the healthier fishes out of iceland because iceland is a natural country isn’t it? >> yes. we have clean beaches and waters, and all, it’s just clean. >> and so the char is clean as well? so you will show us a recipe and i will step out. how do we begin? >> we start with the fish. it’s just skin and boneless and get it like that in the



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