Time To Dine–Making Meatballs

Cooking Segment- Making meatballs
>>> it’s time to diet in the — dine in the kitchen sergio pasta month. >> yes. october is national pasta month. i don’t know who des naitd it national pasta month but we are happy. truth be told it’s national pasta month for me every day. >> everyone day is pasta day. chef justin is here from aldo’s and we are cook up meat balls. >> hi. >> what is the one mistake we haik when we are trying to do this at home. >> that’s the thing about meat balls. it’s completely soughtive. whatever you feel like putting in your meat balls as far as meat, you know everyone has a way of making them. i think a lot. >> this is one of the contentious things how you make it. i was nervous because i think italian grandmothers will argue about what whoa say. >> they will throw stuff at the tv. >> my father and i make them and justin makes them differently. that is reflection of how i like to do them. >> let’s d



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