Time To Dine: Chick Tricks Segment

Chicken tricks cooking segment
>> or a rolling pin you know. you want to wrap it with seran wrap. >> why? >> because of the wood. you want to wash it. and what you want to do is with the wrap is put this down. >> okay. >> so, and you notice we had different color boards which is yellow and healthier for the color coated chicken. >> yes. >> that’s what you want to use when you pound the chicken. if you don’t have yellow, try to use just try to use the ones that you — the same board forchicken at all times. and then i will use the big guy. >> i would too. that looks fun. what do you do? >> what you want to do is this is tenderizing and pounding. just start from the middle and work your way out and it’s not about how hard you can hit. it’s about pounding out so you don’t tear the chicken. some use wax paper and i use plastic because the wax paper will tear. and — paper will tear. a quarter — paper will tear. a quarter



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