Time 2 Dine: Unique Stuffings

Find a different twist on the traditional stuffing… adding ingredients you may not have considered before.
>> welcome back. the perfect compliment every year to the turkey and dressing. of course we’re talking stuffing and what better way to maybe spice it up this year than to bring in a chef, chef rodie. this is something a lot of people take for granted. their stuffings are very pedestrian but you’ll change that this year. >> absolutely. what we’re going to do. we have two different stuffings. the first one is plantain, ground beef and raisin where we have sauteed the ground befana little bit of raisins and garlic and little bit of s- hallots as well. >> good complement of sweet and salty. a lot of people might not think about that. >> yes. i like to make the stuffing in the cavity of the turking. what happens if you put the stuffing inside of the turkey really you might get a little bit — if you put it on a pyre- x and cook it off you will be safe. >> this is the other one you came up wit



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