Time 2 Dine: Roasted Tomatoes And Pesto

The simple technique of roasting tomatoes which you can use for many occasions and meals.
the luxury people. i got the chef from lynwoods as he is here make my favorite food tomatoes. good to have you. >> thank you. >> how is it going? >> great. >> so tomato. >> today we are going start with some roma tomatoes. we did at the rest wont is when it’s not toe madeo seasons take the tomatoes and help them out. >> okay. >> so we season them up with a little sugar and salt, and. >> you roasting? >> yes. we will put them in a oven. 200 degrees for approximately one hour okay. so we are going take those. >> all right. >> throw them in the oven. >> not a lot of seasoning. >> no. very simple and it’s quick at home and you can have it at home and just have a quick dish. okay. >> you mentioned this is not tomato seasoned that starts in april. >> march, april for hoe cal tomato and you want to wait around that time. if you love tomatoes like i do, you might want to go grab some at wegman’s



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