Time 2 Dine: Mason Dixon Master Chef

The winner of the first ever Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament shows a simple way to wow your friends and family in the kitchen
mountain side of maryland. >> thanks, jamie. i said i miss you, and that is true, but more food for me because on fridays it is time to dine. we have dennis freedman. if he looks familiar, he’s been here week after week. he won the mason dixon master chef tournament. congratulations. >> thank you. it’s kind of surreal, still sinking in. it was a long four-month battle but i’m glad it’s over. >> we’re going to talk about the competition and what got you the win, but we’re going to look at pictures from the night that you won. how thrilled were you because there’s really talented chefs in our area in d.c. and you really got the top prize. >> truly, truly it was rewarding. it reinforced, you know, my confidence many my cooking, but there’s a lot of love and hard work that went into this and a lot of thought and time. a lot of emotions. so yeah, it was a big deal. i think the pictures tell t



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