Time 2 Dine: Lobster And Corn

Chef Roddy Domacasse from Restaurant Sabor in Mays Chapel is back and talking about cooking with corn.
sherrard. thank you again for your support. tell your friends it’s back. >>> it is time to dine in areas, chef ryan from sebore with king carlos, his son. >> he’s the taste tester in your house. what are we cooking today? >> today we have two things. we’re going to make a nice tomato and roasted corn and a little bit of basil. first we’re going to cut the tomato. and we’re going to try to put a nice little — a little simple salad. the recipe is already on the website. i’m going to put the tomato right there. a little bit of salt. and you have to have tomatoes and the corn is coming right now. see what we do with the corn is we soak the corn for about 45 minutes in water. >> just like that. >> just like this, we put it in the water — >> how long? >> 45 minutes. >> okay. >> absolutely. then we roast it on the grill. all the steam creates a nice sweetness to it. then we let it cool on roo



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