Time 2 Dine: Know Your Steaks

Understanding different cuts of steak and ways you can cook them in your house, not necessarily on a grill.
right now we’re sitting here trying to figure out the stove. that’s why we have the experts in. meet dave, the general manager of the prime rib. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> we are talking about steak today and i would never attempt to make it at home because i don’t have a grill. you guys say you don’t have to do that. >> our chef james is here to show us, we have dry aged prime beef. we always have. the simplest way to do a pan fried steak, we have a couple cuts. we have filet mignon, bo-in rib eye which is this steak here. >> listen to that sizzle. >> and new york strip. if you lightly coat a cast iron or skillet with extra virgin olive oil, sear the steak. put in a few spices if you’d like. finish it off in the broiler. it’s simple and you don’t have to wait a half hour for the charcoal to get hot. >> start to finish, how long? >> about five minutes each side if



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