Time 2 Dine: Knife Skills

Learn some of the basics in knife skills to help you cook even better in the kitchen.
your independence cards. >>> all right: it is that time. we have chef eric yager here from baltimore international college here. he’s going to be showing us some nice skills and cooking. tell me a little about cutting and the knife skills. >> uniform-sized pieces. there’s nothing wor than a stew where one carrot is cooked perfectly and the smaller size is mush. nice even cooking, uniform pieces, it’s decorative and cooks evenly. >> let’s see some of your work here. this is where i’m awful in the kitchen. i can’t cut worth anything. i’m watching you closely. >> takes a lot of control and practice carrots, we have a diagonal slice on an angle. for the rondale slice, which is basically just a round cut, straight through, nice and even, they’re all uniform size and thickness, they all cut evenly. >> i’m always worried about cutting my hand. >> keep your fingertips out of the way. when the si



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