Time 2 Dine: Holiday Pies

Chef Danielle Kposowa from Baltimore International College shows off how easy is to make a unique holiday pie.
e. mentioned the best of the best — he mentioned the best of the best and we have chef danielle an instrungor at baltimore college. you are a dessert woman. >> i am. >> so this is the time for desserts especially pies. and you said this is your signature pie. >> right. >> what is it? >> this pie is called a sweet potatoe pie a twist on the classic sweet potatoe pie. we took the sweet potatoe and mixed it with pecan pie. >> it sound good. >> yes it’s just like the praline candy in new orleans. it has smooth bottom and it is very crunchy and sweet on top. >> so delicious. let’s get to it. i am actually surprised something with that fancy of a title not a lot of ingredients. >> no. it’s very simple. very simple. we actually at the school, we have on thursday nights, it’s free enthusiast class and i taught one. on pies actually on holiday pies. so we want to take our sweet potatoe. >> okay.



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