Time 2 Dine: Creme Brulee French Toast

Taking a unique twist, or two, on that traditional french toast for breakfast.
>> megan. >>> we have such a special treat today. mark used to entertain with us entertaining seafood in the kitchen at wmar and now you came in to make french toast. >> i know, right. this set feels hauntingly familiar. >> i bet it does. >> i was excited. i can’t wait to see the old set. so, you know i. sent in a recipe and they asked for something we did at the holiday season. we do with the holiday season is have five kids and it’s busy at my house. night before you make this baked cream brule french toast. we start with but ther. >> a cream ulee and take a stick of butter and a cup of firmly packed brown sugar and stir that together. if you want to stir that, that would be great. and add a couple of tablespoons of dark pouring syrup. and this is where you think it’s for breakfast anymore a little vanilla extract and a toonie bit of grand marhiner. >> how much. >> a couple tablespoons



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