Time 2 Dine: Cooking With Couscous

Chef Alan from Tangier’s shows how easy it is to create a delicious meal with couscous without much hassle.
richard. here we go. >> are we all right? >> all right. here’s chef allen from tangiers. i always like to run down the resume. you were in d.c. for years. >> yes, i was. >> at the ritz-carlton? >> yes, and ended up in baltimore four months ago. >> everything’s been good ever since, right? as soon as you cross into baltimore, boom, you are on tv. just like that. we’re going to cook up couscous, right? >> that’s right. the classic vegetarian couscous one of our traditional recipes with the seven route vegetables. we have the prunes, raisins and apricots that we utilized. it’s topped with a chicken broth with garbanzo beans and sprinkled almondsp. >> let’s go. oh, you already did it? >> yes. you have the chicken broth that is always going with your chickpeas, the couscous that is always steaming to absorb the flavor of the chicken broth. >> now, a lot of people complain they get stuck toget



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