Time 2 Dine: Burger Contest

Mt. Washington Tavern wants you to enter their burger contest. Find out how to enter the contest and enjoy the good foods.
me a burger. is that what you are doing over there? >> richard, the mount share tavern for a while you put so much money in it. say hello to kathy. how are you? >> thanks for having us. >> they’re from the mount washington tavern. get in your grill. that’s what this is called, right? you want to us make burgers. how’s this work? >> we want you to all send in recipes to us and we’re going to judge your burgers. next time you are at a cookout and everyone says i got the best burger recipe, no, i do, we’re asking you to all send in the recipes and jamie’s gonna make ’em. >> go to work. >> we’ll judge ’em. >> that’s a great idea. it will be on the member fourth of july through august, right? >> yes. so back at the cookout, you can say i got the best burger the tavern says so. sammy’s been with us for 27 years. we’ve got his take on a sammy burger right now. >> what is that? >> it is an ounce



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