Tilapia Wrapped In Banana Leaf

We’re cooking Tilapia wrapped in Banana Leaf with Los Andes.
>>> you’ve got a sporing bored with us. >>> we’re going to start us out with a till yeah. — till lop yeah. >> this is the dish there? >> yes. also a mixed salad with zuck knee, tomatoes, red onions, white onions, a little bit of olive oil. >>> you can find the recipe a little later. you can find the recipe on white sox white sox. >>> the top eight girls took a — the stage. there were a lot of good perform exits from the ladies, but there were develop a few workers. take a look. >> you are judge i love music because it’s supposed to move you. it’s supposed to do what you just did to me. i was captivate. i love what you did with the song, you made it current and you’re spectacular. >> normally sit at the bar, eat peanuts when you’re singing a long like that and no one is paying attention. >>> ouch. i do want to say that i decided to warm up for the show by singing bowersox. >>> that girl



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