Tilapia With A Portobello Vinaigrette

Nellie Green’s prepares a fresh seafood dish.
>> well, if you are looking for great food, great service and a relaxing atmosere, nellie green’s is in branford and they are the place to be. and you can actually get it for a great price, too. mike is back. welcome back to the show, always a pleasure to have you. >> nice to be back. >> i wanto set this up. what are we making today? >> a pan-roasted tilapia and it is serves with a portobello vinaigrette. >> you say it is fairly easy to make. >> it is easy. >> tell us what ou’ve done. >> added olive oil to the pan. >> and we’ve got a nice price of pressure tilapia. >> lightly season it with a little salt and epper. >> and that is to taste. >> just taste. we will dredge it in a ittle flr. we will lethe oil heat up for us a little bit. and this is a portobello mushroom cap. get that choped up into little chunks. >> chunks, perfect. is this one of your more popular meals at restaurant. >> i



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