Thursday’s Chat – Extra!

Hot Happenings this weekend! … Donald Trump Running for President? … Your Favorite Valley Restaurants!
some activities over the weekend, at shawn laughed at me. friday, peepshow star holly madison tops the oktoberfest at hoffer house. tapping sarts at 7:00 p.m. the night not only features beer but food, contests and a lot of other german fun and the rat pack is back. we’ll tap the keg saturday. >>> the danny gans memorial championship for life run is saturday. runners, walkers or event pourers are welcome at 7:30. it’s hosted by donny who i osmond. >>> donny osmond will also host a wedding extravaganza on sunday. ten couples will get engaged at 10:10 in the morning october 10th, sunday, which is the tenth month of the year. if you want to check it out, head to the trevi fountain. >> shawn: beck does great camera work. randomly. give beck a round of applause. >> dao: he’s clapping for himself. >> shawn: occasionally you — give me a weird shot of me. i’ll be looking and then all of a sudde



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