Thunder Bay Grille

The New Thunder Bay featuring Birch Bar, a tapas menu, chef inspired, innovative cuisine, social ambiance and an urban chic interior. If you haven’t been to Thunder Bay in a while, you haven’t been.
>>> welcome tore “the morning blend.” we are cooking with thunder bay grill. >> what makes bacon, let us and tomato go so well together. >> looking to mix things up a little bit. we have a new spin on an old favorite u. mike sigler is back from thunder bay grill with three ways to serve up bacon on a sandwich. i love this. we are getting a good look at it. we are used to blt, bacon, lettuce and tomato. >> we are doing bacon, bacon blt. extra bacon. peppercorn seared salmon blt and smoked chicken blt. >> yum. >> and we have incorporated some of the items off our dinner menu. some of our favorite that is way and made them into sandwich and we have a good lunch business and we want to mix it up a little and people love it. these are our most favorite sandwiches on the menu and thought we would make them up today. >> all right. >> and people are looking for something light in the sandwich. b



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