Throw Your Own Red Wings Party

Our friend Shari Steinbach from Meijer shows us everything you need to throw your own Detroit Red Wings viewing party.
note ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? also gee, red wings. we’re back of more of “where you live” sherry, you know it is excitek to at the joe louis airplane for a red wings’ game but most of the time we’re watching in our living room. give as you tip to make a serious party at home. wel you want to have a party at home. you want to spend time well the guest in watching the game so you don’t want toe stuck in the kitchen if a long time. i make the party very easy. i started with just some red and white sked pop. simple edition. you can always pick up glasses and plastic plates at the store as wel that matched the same. >> place mates. >> napkins, place mates. set the table like that. a good way to tart. then what i have put together here is a pretty healthy red an white bean chicken chilly. >> how do you make it? >> what we have done we have used canned beans and thed ny beans i shredded chingnd used abo



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