Throw A Tailgating Party

Are you ready for some football? Sean McEwan has all your party needs.
much, it is tailgating season. >> it is a great american past time. >> it is a huge event for before the game and we have great stuff to get you in the mood so i’ll jump right in. >> it is not just chips any more, we’re talking pizza. >> you canou gril this outside, put the bobolbi right on top and you’re ready toea go. 100% whole wheat thin crust pizza, whole grains and finer. go it boboli.com and they have recipes for buffalo chicken pizza, and ifpi you have the kids they will love pitching in and making their piza. >> we don’t want to be healthy at our tailgate.l >> it doesn’t hurt if it tastes good and is healthy too. >> that is true. look at dr. pepper with ther football bottles. >> geting you inned moot from dr. pepper, the football botles and cans, they have a been involved with college football fobar years and they are the official presenting partner of the national championship



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