Throw A Sex And The City Themed Party

Ken Maccarone joins The Rhode Show to demonstrate how to throw the ultimate girl bash in honor of Sex and the City 2.
deny. >> andan we’re going t o show you how to throw a “sex & theth city” party forfo the sequel. ken macrone joins us to show us how to throw a bash. i haveav several feather boas i love to lounge around nhiaa td he weekend, but youut made a limp shade out of it. >> gusty winds to your local party store, they even have them at little girls accessories shops and rim the bottom of the lamp shade. use pearlized pins and pin it all the way around the lamp shade. continue until you getin to the top. >> what’s interestin wg is it gets in to this shape right here, which fills out and looks boxyy and fabulous. this looks like something you would buy at a high end fashion store. >> all you want to dodo is add it to one of your favorite lamps, , right here, it sits right on then top and it has more of an effectff of a barrel shade. >> you have to be careful you don’t start a fire with that. a



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