Thrifty Thursday: Valentine’s Dinner On A Budget

Thrifty Thursday: Valentine’s Dinner on a budget thursday animation > ???????????????????????????… ???? ??no?? s??cr??ip??t ??av??ai??la??bl??e ??>????????????????????????… take a look at the cost.. 10 dollars and 16 cents for the fruit bouquet.. is the priciest of the meal. only 6. 67 for the glazed cranberry pork.. 7:43 for the hearts desire salad.. a buck 29 for the heart biscuits.. and 5- sixty for the peach bellini. add that up.. 31 dollars and 15 cents.. to feed four people. compare that to what a romantic dinner out would cost.. and you have a very thrifty meal. now it’s time to check in with pete out on our weather deck… hi pete.pp



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