Three Square Food Bank

John Livingston of Three Square Food Bank joined Dao & Shawn to talk about the incredible work Three Square is doing to make sure no Southern Nevadan ever goes hungry. Plus, a sneak peak at two big events coming up: Restaurant Week and Dish!
helping to do just that, joining us now, is john livingston with the food bank. thanks for having me. >> dao: thank you for coming. talk about your organization and how many people you help. what’s the biggest need now? >> you know, in the worst of times is when the word of people in need come out. but in the best of times, when the unemployment rate was 4%, there was still over 200,000 in poverty here. the biggest need are the children. in school there are 350 — 50% rate of can you describ kids on free lunches. seniors are proud and we’re doing research to see how to pull the numbers. the normal people, everyday people, they need help. >> shawn: a lot of people. >> there’s a lot of people. >> shawn: and it starts with one dollar. explain your mission. >> well, what we want to do is one, serve hope. we need to bring the community together to work at how we can help the people in need. o



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