Three Sisters Cafe

Three Sisters Cafe
kitch.s by design. always beautiful, always by design. >> alex monroe is here. chef alex monroe. but i don’t want to. >> you — >> it is all right. >> you cook. >> fry cook. >> i like the hat of. >> talk about alice’s payback reference. >> something. jack nicholson. >> all right. i like that,?รง too. >> another strange thing. >> changed. he is in our kitchen this is where i am going to stay. >> more than welcome. >> so three sisters. talk about the vibe, the theme. >> three sisters around for a long time actually. it opened 92, 9 and started as a village idiot and someone thought that was offensive so now it is three sisters. idiots were offended. so we went that route. >> okay. >> started completely vegetarian and then, you know, there are only 7 of those, so we moved on to meat and other things. it has grown. we are the fourth owners. my we’ve and i have worked there since it opened. s



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