Three Kinds Of Tapenades

In the Rhode Show kitchen we’re making three different types of tapenade of Chef Gianfranco.
it this morning, we’re making three different types ofof tapenade with chef john franco, i’m really glad you’re doingin this. olive said he’s note’ big on the olives, and i love the nutela. >> first>> we’re going to get vince whipping up two cu of heavy cream. you’ll add theth two tablespoons of powder sugarsu and a teaspoon of pure vanilla and you’re going to whip away. so we’re g oing to start on an art choke and roasted red pepper. >> step one, o taking the lid off. >> how much artchoke do i want w tout in here? >> roasted red peppers, you’ll add. >> probably about four pieces. >> ok. >> >> they look good. >> one, two,wo three, and maybe one more. >> all right. >> here we go.>> >> all right. r and then some artichokes. >> how many of those do we put in. >> i would add all of those. it’s about a cup of marinatedte arti choke. >> that you bought from au store? >> everything here you can



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