Three Course Meal With The Boot

Three Course Meal with The Boot
chef daivd hausman and co-owners josh wright and kris harvey this morning and we’re making a ful three course meal– summer squash soup, seared tuna and a buttermilk pana cota! before we get started… here’s a list of ingredients! now for a look at what to expect with the weather today… expect with the weather today. meteorologist jon cash. 25 dollar gift certificate for the pembroke mal finding a job– your resume may be to blame! our career enginer is going to fill us in on the most common mistakes most people make! break one talking about… it was a busy weekend in hampton roads- the hampton coliseum came alive with the smooth sounds of serviceth fee. she is saying, if i am paying for it, i want new content, like a premium service. >> yes. providing more content for you. keep the bus coming in. we will be here for the rest of the morning. >> we appreciate the energy of folks on ou



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