Thousands Turn Out For Chowder Cook-off

Thousands turned out for the annual chowder cook-off in Newport.
(ap) it was a beautiful day to try a taste of the country’s best chowder! today was the schweppes grea schweppes great chowder cook-off at the newport yachting center. eyewitness news in the city by the sea today… where nearly two dozen competitors dished out samples for thousands of visitors. and they weren’t just serving clam chowder, but seafood chowder and clam cakes. our own karen adams helped open the chowder fest… along with several eyewitness news personalities. chefs from little compton all the way to the pacific northwest, venture here every year to earn bragging rights. “there’s great competition but we’re confident we have a great product and people seem to love it. (what number are you?) number 33, seattle.” “it’s excellent, it’s haddock, shrimp, crabmeat and scallops. it has some dill. it goes down fast and smooth and it’s number 34, the last stand.” (ap) tonight we’re



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