Thornton’s Grille

Our TV Maitre’ d has found a refreshingly different American Bistro on Federal Hill. Thornton’s serves lunch and dinner seven days a week, with bunch offered until 3:00 p.m.
Welcome back to “the rhode show.” Our tv maitre d’ has found a refreshingly different bistro.nnHere is joe zito with quick bites.nnThornton grills, i call it a great place to chill here on the hill. Spruce street on federal hill is a far cry from being just down the street from fenway park, where marty thornton and his brother bud own popular thornton’s fenway grill for 16 years, until one fateful night.nnMy brother woke me up, telling me that thornton’s was on fire, so i was kidding, but a cab driver gave him a call, we got over there, there were fire trucks everywhere and thorntons was in flames.nnThat was back in january of 2009. A devastating four-alarm blaze that took out numerous businesses during its 16-hour fury and though the thornton brothers have plans to rebuild if beantown, what are they doing here of all places? Where casa christine existed for so many years.nnQuite a day.n



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