This Week’s Rhode Show Rewind

What a week The Rhode Show has had! Check out what you missed in this week’s Rhode Show Rewind.
results? there you have,er official “the rhode show” results. ” lt>> it’ s been a busy weeky here on “the rhode show.” >> let’s take a look back at some of the fun that we’ve had. >> the beaches are open, the sun is shining, but finding that right swim suit isn’t alwaysis a day at the beach. >> and again, the deep v will elongate and slim your body, so this could work for anyone. >> celine dion.io >> near or far. >> very good. keep going. that will bring the ratings up. >> told the magazine, i never gave up, can you do that french accent. >> i never give up. it was physically and emotionallyot draing. >> you do that so good. >> look whok wandered out here in to the grilling area. >> yeah. >> up know, we usually keep ben locked up in between segmentns in an area where he’s not allowed to come out and see the food beings but he smelled the food. >> renee, renee charles. i love renee. we ma



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