This Café Offers High Quality Local Organic Food.

Essence Bakery Café serves up fresh baked bread and Parisian treats
delicious. >>> it’s simple, but sophisticated. healthy but decadent. we go inside essence bakery with some of the best in what the valley has to offer with local seasonal organic foods. >> i grew up working in a kitchen since i was 9 i try to get out — i couldn’t. [ laughter ] we have greek foods, french foods, we have a lot of vegetarian. it’s the kinds of food we eat at home, and that’s why we decided to open it. we have a different deli special every day, which was based on what’s in season. today, we have an egg salad sandwich. and it’s served with an organic avocado, it’s served with squash soup, and we have a lot of fresh sandwiches and salads with local ingredients. >> we make 95% of the breads, brioche, we make a — for or club sandwich, we make a multi grain bread, we have the right type of portions and people will likely get dessert, which is our specialty as well. e french ma



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