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you concerned. thanks again lynette. >>> we continue to think pink at abc2 raising awareness in the fight against breast cancer we will pallet in the spirchg. >> welcome to the show. >> okay. palet in the pink tell me about that. >> well, we part nerd with the komen foundation and we are excited about it. last year we raised 170,000 dollars. what ware offering is for 39.the 5, come in and have a 3 course meal a great steak, something lighter you can have fish as well. a salad or soup and then some dessert. a cheese cake or key lime pie and again you can go with fresh mixed berries as well. it’s been a great convenient for us to be be part of and it goes on all this month for breast cancer awareness. >> as you get involved this’s need but to get involved, it takes something special i guess. >> the one thing about sullivan across the country is we are philanthropic whoa like to participate



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