Think Outside The Bowl / Food Network’s Melissa D’Arabian

Putting Cereal into your recipes for lunch and dinnernRecipes at www.kelloggs.com/melissanOne of the things that i love about cereal is that adults love it but my kids also love cereal. I’ve four little once so i know a thing or two about picky eaters, if i create a recipe that has cereal in it, and i include my kids in on the cooking process, they’re much more likely to eat it. So, i have a crisp salad that has chicken, pasta but it also has crisp ix cereal in it and having my kids toss it into the salad they see an ingredient they know and life and they’re much more likely to take the bridge from something something they knew to eating something that is brand new to them.
Outside the box. Now how to think os the cereal bowl with melissa dearabia. She is also the proud momma of four, good morning, mels.nnGood morning, bill. Thanks for having me.nnThanks for being here. Hey, you are cooking with my favorite food, cereal. I know you know how to keep a meal for four people under $this has got to be a mistake under $10? Are you kidding?nnIt’s not a mistake at all. I’m always saying object $10. I want saving money to feel good. So of course shopping smart is a big part of safeing a lot of moby. — money but i think a piece a lot of people miss is managing your ingredients at home. Develop the skill of looking at all of the ingreet dpreedens — id greedens and see how you can put a new twist on it for a new recipe. That is why i’m taking career yell and putting it — cereal and putting it into recipes.nnDon’t compromise on taste but reece easy on the wallet. Cer



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