There’s A Bear In The Woods

An unexpected, 250-pound visitor stirred up a bit of excitement in Burke County on Saturday. Catherine Ross shows us why if a bear climbs out of the woods in Bowbells – everyone hears it. (Hal Ross) “A black bear in Bowbells – it’s pretty fun to talk about!” (Michael Matte) “In all the years I’ve been in the area, I never thought I’d see a bear around here.” (Hal Ross) “In the meantime, I called a bunch of people in town…” (Michael Matte) “There was a bear in the tree – get your camera, and go take pictures!” (Hal Ross) “I’ve never seen a bear, a black bear in Burke County in my life.” (Michael Matte) ” know there was a couple times he looked over at me, licked his chops, and thought: ‘dinner’!” From his first appearance in Hal Ross’s pea field – the black bear’s weekend visit to Burke County has been the talk of the town – until, of course, Game and Fish intervened for everyone’s safety. (Michael Matte) “Everyone was excited and tried to go out and take pictures, but they put a road closed sign up so no one could see it anymore.” (Hal Ross) “Didn’t have much time to take the picture – it was fast! Phew! My blood pressure was high.” And…of course…the bear has even become an internet sensation. (Hal Ross) “Everybody’s heard about the bear, it’s on Facebook right now.” But if THAT’S not enough proof for you – we decided to follow his tracks. (Hal Ross) “We spotted him, he was headed toward Bowbells, he ran into these cottonwood trees and stayed up there for at least a couple hours. (Catherine Ross / KX News) “You can tell from the matted grass below me that after the bear stirred up some excitement, he took a little break, and from the looks of it, even stopped for a snack.” The bear is thought to be Canadian – and now, they suspect he’s on the move – which leads us to consult our very own KX bear tracking map. (Hal Ross) “He was in Columbus, Portal, Flaxton, Bowbells, and now he’s headed supposedly southwest.” But the latest rumors say he’s heading for the hills – but Game and Fish says if you spot the bear – it’s best to let him go about his business. In Bowbells, Catherine Ross, KX News. Black bear sightings are rare in the area. Ross says through his research with the county, they believe there have been about five over the past 30 or so years.



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